As a leader in high-quality fats and oils, Olenex is continually developing products which meet government and nutritional recommendations, including non-hydrogenated fats and less than 2 percent trans fats. We have options of different levels of fat, saturated fats and salt to meet the requirements of individual customers. We also offer a range of E-Free products. Most of our products are Kosher approved by the Manchester Beth Din.

Craft Bakery

 Olenex supplies a wide range of oils and fats to craft bakers, including:

• Peerless Traditional Range
For more than 70 years, ADM has produced high-quality fats for the craft baker, both under our Peerless brand and on behalf of other suppliers of leading branded products. Under our Peerless range, we offer a wide range of cake margarines, pastry margarines and shortenings to meet the needs of the craft baker.

• Peerless Bake-lite Range
Peerless Bake-lite is a new range of cake margarines designed to match the brand leader in terms of flavour, oil blend, emulsifier and process conditions. Bake-lite Premium has a rich, characteristic flavour that is retained and developed during the baking process, making it the ideal choice for delicious-tasting cakes or biscuits.

PLANT Bakery

 Olenex is a preferred supplier to many major plant bakeries and food manufacturers in the U.K.

We supply a significant share of the U.K. plant bakery market with a comprehensive range of industrial fats, including:
• Pastry margarines
• Cake margarines
• Shortenings
• Bread fats
• Liquid oils

Within this range, we offer non-hydrogenated oils with less than 2 percent trans fats and a range of products with different levels of fat, saturated fats and salt to meet individual customer requirements. We also offer a range of E-free products.

Also Available: Fluid Shortening
Olenex fluid shortening offers the functionality of a boxed fat without the associated packaging and handling costs. Fluid shortening does not require special vehicles or heated systems for delivery, specifically designed to meet the needs of medium to large industrial users.

Fluid Bread Fat

 Fluid Bread Fat SG is a 'fully segregated' bread fat designed for modern day requirements of plant bakers.

• Our expertise enables us to provide customers with:
• Real-time commodity market information
• In-plant technical support through our Technical Account Managers
• Product development support through our Research and Development Department

* In response to consumer concerns about GM, allergy and health issues, we do not refine animal fats, GM soya, maize or groundnut oils at our Purfleet or Erith sites.