Olenex is a preferred supplier to many of the U.K.'s leading food and non-food manufacturers, supplying approximately 45 percent of the U.K.'s bulk oil requirements. With our ever-evolving, multi-stream refinery facilities, we supply a wide range of both standard and highly complex blended products, allowing us to service a dynamic, innovative and diverse industry.

Our Products

Olenex offers an extensive range of high-quality products, and expertise in product development support. Our broad product portfolio is derived from the following feed-stock sources:

Soybean oil Palm oil Palm fractions Rapeseed oil
Sunflower seed oil Linseed oils High oleic sunflower seed oil High oleic rapeseed oil
Coconut oil Palm kernel oil Palm kernel oil fractions Exotic oils

Olenex takes these raw materials and either refines them to produce high quality oils and fats, or processes them to change their properties to meet functional requirements. Our comprehensive range of high-quality final products are then offered in packed and bulk format in order to meet any customer needs.

Our Applications

Technical Applications
Sauces & Dressings

Our Expertise
Our expertise enables us to provide customers with:

Real-time commodity market information using both fundamental and technical appraisals
Product development support through our Research and Development Department
In-plant technical support through our Technical Account Managers

We always work hard to fully understand our customers' needs and requirements in order to provide the best possible service.

* In response to consumer concerns about GM, allergy and health issues, we do not refine animal fats, GM soya, maize or groundnut oils at our Purfleet or Erith sites.