Olenex offers a range of oils and fats to the foodservice industry, catering for pubs, restaurants, hotels, workplace catering and many more.

These oils include:
• Long-life frying oils
• Extended-life frying oils
• Specialty products

Long-Life Frying OiLs

 Olenex offers three long-life oil products specially formulated to address growing concerns over hydrogenated fats and trans-fatty acid levels.

Wesson Range of Frying Oils:

Wesson® Supreme, Wesson® Criterion and Wesson® Chefs Choice offer the long life and superior stability needed for deep and shallow frying foods such as fish and chips, fried chicken, breaded products and meats. In addition, they:
• Contain no hydrogenated oils
• Have less than two percent trans-fatty acids
• Contain no genetically modified materials
• Do not contain nut oil
• Suitable for vegans

Wesson Supreme also offers a lower saturate alternative within the range. Wesson is available in a variety of sizes to cater for your specific frying requirements.

Bespoke Frying Oil

In addition to the Wesson range of frying oils, Olenex can offer bespoke frying oil to provide the optimum balance of performance, cost and nutritional profile to suit every customers needs.

NovaLipid has a significantly lower level of saturated fat than our other long-life oils.

Extended Life Frying Oils

 Wesson® Green Extended Life Vegetable Oil:

Wesson Green is the premium quality extended life cooking oil. It has been a firm favourite with caterers for over 40 years and maintains a consistent high-quality to help chefs produce great tasting food. Wesson Green is ideal for all deep and shallow frying including fish and chips, fried chicken and meat. It contains no hydrogenated oil, has less than two percent trans fats. It is lower in saturates than our long life oils, has no genetically modified ingredients and does not contain nut oils and the only constituent is rapeseed oil.

Wesson Green is available in 20 litre, 15 litre and 4 x 5 litre sizes. For information and stockists phone +44 (0)1322 444828 or email ukinfo@olenex.com.

Pura™ Extended Life Vegetable Oils

 Pura Extended Life Vegetable Oil contains no soya or soya derivatives; the only oil constituent is rapeseed oil. It contains no hydrogenated oil, has less than 2 percent trans fats and is lower in saturates than our long life oils.

The 15 and 20 litre bottle-in-box format improves space utilization and offers ease of pouring through the anti-surge device.