Vegetable Frying Fat

 Frymax™ is the leading all vegetable frying fat for the fish frying trade with an enviable reputation for quality and consistency built over 60 years. Frymax is an additive free, longer lasting product delivering perfect performance time after time.

Frymax is produced using the finest refined and deodorised oils which are subject to a series of strict analytical tests ensuring that it is of the highest quality and adheres to tight specifications.

The raw materials used in Frymax are fully sustainable and have been certified to come from Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)-certified production units. The crude oils are fully traceable under the "segregated" (SG) supply chain system.

Frymax contains no hydrogenated oils and has less than one percent trans fatty acids. It is non GM and does not contain any allergens.

Frymax provides advice on good oil management and frying procedures through Technical Account Manager, Kerry Primarolo +44 (0)1322 444820.

Frymax users have always been well represented in the Annual Fish and Chip Awards organised by Seafish. For the past seven years more regional winners have used Frymax than any other brand. Winners of the 2011 and 2012 Drywite /NFFF Young Fish Frier of the Year Award are Frymax users.

Frymax Sponsors Best Newcomer Award

Frymax is proud to sponsor the 'Best Newcomer' award at the National Fish and Chip Awards 2015 organised by Seafish. The award recognises outstanding new talent entering the fish and chip shop trade and is open to individual businesses which began operating in 2012.

In addition to the Best Newcomer award winner, Frymax will be presenting a number of runners up certificates of merit, which in their own right will enhance the reputation of the shops concerned.

• Frymax Used in Training Centres
Frymax is the brand of choice for the training courses run by The National Federation of Fish Friers and for the KFE School of Frying Excellence.

• Frymax Advertising
Frymax advertising campaign features include the following:
- David Henley Independent Takeaway Regional Winner London & South East
- Nigel Hodgson Winner of both the Drywite/ NFFF Young Fish Frier and the National Fish and Chip Shop of the Year Award
- Zohaib Hussein Winner of the Drywite/ NFFF Young Fish Frier of the Year
- Anne Wallace O.B.E. Winner of Staff Training and Development Award


Customer Support Materials

  Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the types of oils and fats used in the foods they eat. Frymax™ offers a range of posters and other materials to re-assure your customers about the quality of Frymax. To order your customer support materials email or phone +44 (0)771 4335464.

Information poster
on Frymax properties.

Frymax window sticker.

Information poster
highlighting that the
oils used in Frymax
are fully sustainable.

Good frying guide wallchart featuring
do's and don'ts.

Frymax Longer Lasting Liquid Vegetable Oil

Frymax Longer Lasting Liquid Vegetable Oil was introduced to the market in 2013. It was specially blended for the liquid oil user who wants to extend the life of his oil without a loss of product quality.

• Compared to traditional liquid or rapeseed oils it offers:
• Up to 50% longer life
• Improved taste through less oil absorption
• Lightweight 10 litre bottle
• Frymax quality standards and technical support.

It contains no hydrogenated oils and has less than one percent trans fatty acids. It is non GM and does not contain any allergens.

• Oil Management
Every quality fryer knows the importance of good oil management and the benefits it brings to both the fryer and his customers. It is essential in maintaining the best taste and appearance of the food. Good oil management also helps the fryer by reducing oil consumption.
Click here to read about tips for good oil management.

"The Frymax product is a must have choice for my fryer. The results and product quality that goes out of my door is top priority for me and by using the best ingredients, top quality oil and state of the art cooking equipment I get good quality consistent results".