We offer a range of high-quality bulk and packaged fats, designed to meet the needs of both the artisan baker and industrial market.
Cake margarines
Margaryna Ekonomiczna Ciasteczkowa 80%
This is a universal bakery and confectionary margarine with good aeration, easy moulding providing an ideal structure for final confectionary and bakery products.

Margaryna Standard Dobra 80%
A highly versatile margarine suitable for cakes and shortbread cookies.

Margaryna Płynna 70%
A liquid margarine used in hamburger rolls and other baked products.

Margaryna Solea Standard 80% And 70%
A low cost margarine for baking.
Confectionary Margarines
Margaryna Perfectima Do Kremów 80%
A margarine that is excellent in confectionary cream production, with no added colours or flavours. It has a unique lightness and melting sensation combined with excellent aeration qualities.

Margaryna Perfectima Złota 80%
Used in similar applications to the Margaryna Perfectima Do Kremów 80% but has added colouring and flavour.

Margaryna Standard Klasyczna 80% and 70%
The standard margarine for common bakery applications.

Margaryna Ekonomiczna Wyborna 80%
This is a lower cost version of Standard Klasyczna 80% and is used in common bakery applications.
Low Saturated Bakery Fats
Noblee LS range
Our low saturated bakery fats are designed as healthier alternatives, without compromising performance and taste.