Cake margarines
Experiencing mouth-watering freshly baked bread or having a bite in a crispy croissant is a joy for millions and are just a few examples of what bakers can achieve with the premium quality of oils and fats produced in the Olenex facilities.

The bakery segment is increasingly volatile and requires constant innovation to meet the demands of the customer. In order to achieve that, Olenex supplies a highly flexible portfolio of oils, margarines and fats dedicated allowing the industrial as well as the artisan baker to create that sparkling product ready to amaze the consumer.
Building on years of in-depth product - and market intelligence our R&D and Technical Support teams are extremely well equipped to design custom products with and for the demanding baker. Whether it requires a neutral flavour, short flaky pastry or a rich mellow texture, the possibilities are endless with the straight oils or specialised blends produced at the Olenex factories.
No stone is left unturned to provide our customer with a spot-on-solution. Short and comprehensive lead times, innovative custom products and committed technical support form an outstanding foundation for the industrial and artisan baker.