We offer a range of high-quality bulk and packaged fats, designed to meet the needs of both the artisan baker and industrial market.
Peerless Melva
Peerless Melva is premium shortening, excellent for creaming and distribution, and ideal for all of your applications.
Cake margarines
Peerless Bake-Lite
Our cake margarines have bake-stable flavour and colour, with excellent creaming and performance. Our products are e-free with natural flavour.

Margaryna Ekonomiczna Ciasteczkowa 80%
This is a universal bakery and confectionary margarine with good aeration, easy moulding providing an ideal structure for final confectionary and bakery products.

Margaryna Standard Dobra 80%
A highly versatile margarine suitable for cakes and shortbread cookies.

Margaryna Płynna 70%
A liquid margarine used in hamburger rolls and other baked products.

Margaryna Solea Standard 80% And 70%
A low cost margarine for baking.
Confectionary Margarines
Margaryna Perfectima Do Kremów 80%
A margarine that is excellent in confectionary cream production, with no added colours or flavours. It has a unique lightness and melting sensation combined with excellent aeration qualities.

Margaryna Perfectima Złota 80%
Used in similar applications to the Margaryna Perfectima Do Kremów 80% but has added colouring and flavour.

Margaryna Standard Klasyczna 80% and 70%
The standard margarine for common bakery applications.

Margaryna Ekonomiczna Wyborna 80%
This is a lower cost version of Standard Klasyczna 80% and is used in common bakery applications.
Pastry Margarine
Pura Special Pastry Margarine
We offer pastry margarines with excellent lift and plasticity, suitable for craft and industrial sectors.
Fluid Shortenings
Novalipid Fluid shortening
We offer fluid shortenings that can be pumped for bulk packaging. These products are low in saturates and ensure effective distribution.
Low Saturated Bakery Fats
Noblee LS range
Our low saturated bakery fats are designed as healthier alternatives, without compromising performance and taste.