Whether it is baking that fudgy cake at home or preparing 10 thousand pieces of fluffy Danish for an airline, our margarine blends are designed to suit a broad range of products and applications for both industrial and the retail spreads sector. The countless possibilities available from the Olenex portfolio of oils, fractions and blends of Palm, Lauric, Rapeseed, Sunflower and even Linseed create an extensive choice for most types of margarines.
Based on extensive R&D expertise in the industrial manufacturing process our oils and blends are designed to excel in most applications. Food preparation may require a soft or a firm structure, processing at low or high temperatures or simply spread out nicely to prepare that perfect deliciousness and quality.

It is all made possible with the help of our technical team that works closely with our customers to develop a product answering to their specific needs. Virtually every cooking challenge will be met by Olenex margarines.
Producing oils, fats and blends is in our blood and the Olenex margarines segment is right at its core. Always keeping an eye on preserving our planet, our work is committed to delivering the sustainable promise and support fair trade placing good business practices at the top of its goals.