Chocolate Spreads
The magical sweetness of chocolate, fillings, spreads and crispy coatings may be the most compelling type of temptations one may ever come across. The confectionery segment is highly volatile and innovative in order to meet the customer requirements of the continuously reducing product life cycles.
The extensive expertise and knowhow of the Olenex team is committed to develop products that follow these consumer trends, holding intense long-lasting flavours, have a wide range of melting characteristics and many more features to intrigue ones senses.
One of our additional goals is to produce premium quality sustainable products containing low -, reduced or no trans fats in order to indulge anyone with a passion for chocolate products. Whether it is a component for chocolate, a stable filling fat or a crispy coating, the dedicated range of Olenex cocoa butter alternatives do not settle for anything less than the highest demands, great tolerance for nuts, excellent melting behaviour and many other features enriching confectionery products.

Our ultimate goal is to produce a confectionery fat that assures a wonderful indulging sweet experience that comes at excellent value for money.