We offer a full range of non-hydrogenated confectionary fats including chocolate spreads, filling fats, Cocoa Butter Equivalents (CBE), Cocoa Butter Improvers (CBI), Cocoa Butter Replacers (CBR) and Cocoa Butter Substitutes (CBS).
Chocolate Spreads
Nougatan, Super Palm Olein
The Nougatan range offers a number of fats, which have been optimised for the use in nougat spreads. Non-hydro and low-GE (MCPD) - versions are available. Our extensive crude oil portfolio allows us to offer a range of alternative formulations to meet any customer's needs.
Filling Fats
Lauric - Filling Fat 151
This lauric fat has fine melting characteristics.

Non Lauric Filling fat S 263, Wilmax Range
These non lauric filling fats are ideal for medium-hard confectionary fillings.

Chocotan AB
We offer a range of lauric filling fats with additional anti-bloom properties.

Lauric Interesterified
Wilprime Range.

Hel Range and Elfill W
A range of non-lauric, non-polymorphic, filling fats.
Laurit Range, Nobletan range
Both ranges are based on lauric fats and offer rapid crystallisation and a glossy surface for confectionary coatings. The Laurit range is a versatile coating fat and can be used in almost all coating applications. The Nobletan products have hard and 'snap' properties, for use with thin coatings.
Chocovit S, Chocovit R, Elcoat C+, Hard B range
Based on hydrogenated fats, these products offer fast crystallisation and good technological properties for medium-soft coatings and fillings.
Chocovit Plus range
A blend of exotic fats and specially fractionated Palm oil that can replace or partially replace cocoa butter in most chocolate applications without compromising quality, and in some cases improving the overall quality of the end product.