Olenex offers a wide range of certification solutions for our full portfolio of liquid oils. The different certification schemes focus on different raw materials, geographical regions and supply chains. We aim to offer a certification solution for all of our customer demands. Please check with your Olenex sales contact the availability of certification solutions for different liquids oils and refineries.

Please find below a short explanation of all offered certification schemes.

On the European continent Olenex can supply sustainable liquid sunflower, rape and soy oil certified according to ISCC PLUS. ISCC is a certification system focusing on tracking greenhouse gas emissions along the value chain and ensuring good and sustainable agricultural practices. Thereby ISCC PLUS is a multi-feedstock system and can serve food, feed and fuel markets whereby it complies with following industry benchmarks:

- Renewable Energy Directive
- FEFAC Soy Sourcing Guidelines
- Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI)

Red Tractor and LEAF Marque
In the UK, Olenex is able to offer rape oil certified according to the Red Tractor and/or LEAF scheme on demand. The Red Tractor is the largest food scheme in the UK, which covers relevant aspects of the product life cycle. The Red Tractor logo indicates that food is safe to eat, and has been produced responsibly - from farm to fork. In addition the LEAF Marque Standard can be applied on top of it (Linking Environment and Farming). LEAF Marque is a global environmental assurance system recognizing more sustainably farmed products.

ADM Responsible Soybean Standard
The ADM’s Responsible Soybean Standard is a company own certification standard which can be applied to all soybean suppliers worldwide. The standard has been recognized by the European Feed Manufacturers’ Federation (FEFAC) and the International Trade Centre (ITC) as meeting FEFAC’s Soy Sourcing Guidelines, a customized benchmarking system for responsible soy programs.

U.S. Soy Sustainability Assurance Protocol (USSAP)
The U.S. Soy Sustainability Assurance Protocol (SSAP) is a certified aggregated approach audited by third parties that demonstrates sustainable soybean production at a national scale. The Protocol is in line with the FEFAC Soy Sourcing Guidelines and product is available on a mass balance basis.

The ProTerra certification program is assuring both, Non-GMO quality and sustainable agricultural production. The standard is soy oriented and based on the Basel Criteria for Responsible Soy Production. Non-GMO supply chains are segregated and traceable. On demand Olenex can offer ProTerra certified soy oil of European origin.

Ohne GenTechnik (VLOG)
The "Ohne GenTechnik" standard gives assurance that respective liquid oils are not made from genetically modified raw materials. The standard is mainly used in Germany and on demand Olenex can supply "Ohne GenTechnik" certified rape, sunflower and soy oil.


For every ton of sustainable soybean oil purchased from Olenex, customers indirectly also support the “ADM Doing it Right” program, which helps Brazilian growers improve their performance in socially and environmentally responsible ways. “Doing It Right” offers growers agronomic and operational best practices and provides them with a sustainable agriculture action plan to promote continuous improvement. The whole program is executed in co-operation with Aliança da Terra (AT), a Brazilian NGO created by local farmers. Farmers successfully going through the “Doing it Right” program can qualify for certification under the ADM Responsible Soybean Standard – learn more about it here.