Olenex's Technical Account Managers provide a range of services, both through local facilities and by utilising ADM's European Research Centre in Hamburg, Germany.

Through the European Research Centre in Hamburg, we carry out analysis and product development, using the latest analytical techniques and pilot plant equipment. We refine oils on pilot and laboratory scale and carry out a number of other research and analytical techniques to provide customers with the best possible technical and innovative solutions. We can provide our customers with samples of frying oils, cake margarines, shortenings, puff pastry laminating fats and craft and specialty fats from one kilogram to one hundred kilogram quantities.

We can also supply other novel blends formulated to meet specific nutritional, performance and specification requirements.

We have a full baking facility and test kitchen for development trials as well as performing quality control testing of oils and fats.

• New Product Development
Olenex's Research and Development Department work with our technical account managers and commercial colleagues to develop our own branded products. They also work with customers in support of customers own product developments. Olenex can provide bespoke blends to meet nutrition and performance requirements and can also work in partnership with customers who wish to undertake value enhancement projects.

• Research
Our Technical Account Managers and R&D personnel work with several institutions for both legal and emerging issues that enhance technical support to our customers. Through our European Research Centre in Hamburg, we keep up-to-date with the latest advances in the oils and fats industry.

Packing Hall

The ADM production facility at Purfleet in Essex is one of the most modern oil processing and packing plants in Europe. This purpose-built plant features the latest available technologies to create a fully automated and highly efficient processing and packing unit for cake and pastry margarines, shortenings and fluid oils and fats.

The plant also benefits from an onsite refinery, test bakery and laboratory facilities which, combined with our quality assurance procedures, ensures that products shipped to our customers are of the highest quality.

The facility features a temperature control system designed to maintain a controlled environment for the processing, packing and warehouse units.

* In response to consumer concerns about GM, allergy and health issues, we do not refine animal fats, GM soya, maize or groundnut oils at our Purfleet or Erith sites.