Customers have an extensive choice of high-quality products in a broad portfolio of oils, blends, and derivates. Olenex solutions are suited to fulfil the specific needs in various food and non-food industries. To make our product range clear and easy to find, we have divided them into twelve main applications.

Innovative Applications

Vegetable oils can be processed in many ways, such as refining, fractionating, blending among others. The versatile characteristics of our vegetable oil products allow us to offer an extensive range of applications.


Quality is not just a word. It is one of the pillars that built Olenex to what it is today. Our highly skilled teams of professionals assure our customers the highest quality of products, as well as steady product consistency.

When required, many of our products meet Halal and Kosher certifications. We also source our crude materials from controlled environments and plantations, meeting the RSPO and ISCC standards. For more information on sustainability, please visit our sustainability section.

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