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A fully traceable palm oil supply chain

Traceability is an integral part of providing greater transparency in the supply chain. We have identified all mills supplying our refineries. The map displays the locations of our refineries and holds the traceability reports per refinery and their supplying mills.

Our customers have full insight into these reports. Please select a location to view its traceability report. The reports are updated on a biannual basis.


Suppliers can only be traceable by providing all the required information. Should any detail be incomplete or missing, we will treat that particular supplier as untraceable. Even when the origin of the product is known. The traceability values are based on the recorded volumes supplied to our refineries over a period of the last four calendar quarters.

Essential information

We identify the location and name of the mills in our supply chain, including the certification status of their production. A mill is only considered traceable when the following information is known;

  1. parent company name,
  2. mill name,
  3. address,
  4. longitude and latitude coordinates,
  5. certification status.

Olenex uses a Traceability Template to gather the required supplier information on every received shipment of palm products. This template follows the international established requirements for transparent palm supply chains.

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