Ice cream

Ice cream

Ice cream is a frozen recipe dairy/milk fat enriched with vegetable oils/fats, sugar, stabilisers, colours and flavours. Coconut oil is the ingredient-of-choice to partially replace milk fat, or even to enhance milk fat characteristics. The tropical oil also helps stabilise the product temperature and can optimise the melting curve. Coconut oil can be a key element that stimulates the taste sensation at exactly the right time and place.

An extra edge

While enhancing the overall product experience, the commercial benefits of including coconut oil give the ice cream producer an extra edge in the marketplace.


Specialist vegetable oil blends are also a great way for producers to create that crispy chocolate coating with the perfect cracking sound and sensation.

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Although wafers are more common in the bakery segment, one often finds a wafer complementary to retail or foodservice ice-cream products. Edible oils also play an important role in creating that crunchy wafer.

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