Today’s dairy market is constantly changing. The industry is increasingly competitive, driving many solutions in a wide variety of applications. Vegetable oils and fats are a major and essential resource in the dairy segment, delivering great flexibility and a potentially healthier nutritional profile. In addition, they provide other functional advantages over traditional milk/butterfat ingredients, without any loss of taste experience.


Vegetable oils and fats have many advantages over traditional milk/butter fats. They are very easy to apply. A recipe enriched with an edible oil or fat does not require extra high investments or expensive additional equipment for further processing. They enable low-risk implementation and improve overall cost-efficiency. Furthermore, they are more flexible, have a generally healthier nutritional profile, and not least, are very competitive compared with milk/butter solutions.

Milk Fat Replacer

As mentioned, vegetable oils have many advantages. They have the ability to function as partial or entire milk-fat replacers. They are insensitive to seasonal influences as well as to the cow’s nutritional intake and provide a stable end product. As an ingredient, they improve product stability and give more scope for innovative solutions. Both the melting and crystallisation profiles can be positively influenced by the inclusion of vegetable-based oils and fats.

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