Chocolate Spreads

Chocolate (or nougat) spreads are a considerable and essential range within the confectionery segment. Known particularly for their popularity at breakfast time, they are also utilised as a modern-day sweet snack in most cultures and regions.

Standard Spreads

Although innovations support product diversification in the chocolate spread experience, ‘standard’ spreads still fill a significant portion of this market. Even a standard spread requires an optimised blend. The recipe has to ensure spreadability and deliver the necessary creaminess. Furthermore, the balance of liquid oil and crystallisation of solid fat will enable the spread to maintain its optimal texture in the jar over its shelf life.

A specialised blend excels in these required attributes. At room temperatures, crystallisation, spreadability, and creaminess remain perfectly balanced. It is an ideal solution for the majority of chocolate/nougat spreads.

Key attributes:

  •   Protects against oiling out of the liquid portion
  •   Increased product stability
  •   Perfect crystallisation behaviour
  •   Optimised creamy mouthfeel
  •   Improved cost competitiveness  

Premium Spreads

Spreads with a higher nut content tend to have an increased level of oiling out due to the higher percentage of liquid oil they contain. A modified fat blend can help prevent the oil from separating and form a layer on top of the jar. A dedicated blend with optimal ratios of liquid oils and hard fats will help ensure that this premium chocolate spread has all the right attributes.


Some niche, regional markets demand a solution using palm alternatives. While these solutions are typically available at a premium, the consumer naturally demands the same attributes as those found in the final product containing classic palm oil.

This blend is designed to contain exotic oil components that deliver the same premium mouthfeel and crystallization properties as the traditional palm-based nougat spread base.

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