Life on land

Olenex is committed to the protection, restoration, and promotion of sustainable use of environmental ecosystems. We support the sustainable management of forests and aim to put a stop to land and biodiversity loss.

In 2019, Olenex processed about 900,000 tons of palm oil products. Assuming an average yield of 4 mt per hectare, this equals an area of 225,000 ha covered und the Olenex NDPE policy.

NDPE policy

We expect our palm oil suppliers to work according to the Olenex No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation (NDPE) policy. It protects High Conservation Value (HCV) areas as well as High Carbon Stock (HCS) forests while also stimulating the integral sustainability practices on palm oil plantations.

Certified sustainable vegetable oils

Supply chain certification systems have been installed for many of our products. Certified sustainable vegetable oils meet environmental standards that mitigate land degradation and loss of biodiversity, while providing a decent income to people, right at the very source of the supply chain