The fifth smallholder programme.

Wilmar Supports Sustainable Management (WISSMA) is, after WISSE, the second palm oil sustainability programme fully funded by the MARIPOSA initiative.

In total, WISSMA is the fifth programme – after WISSHWISSCo1 and 2, and WISSE – that Olenex supports in Latin America. It is designed to assist our suppliers’ managers in their journey towards becoming sustainable leaders

Our Goal

WISSMA is a collaboration programme launched in 2021. It spans across eight Latam countries, involving six industry associations, 54 suppliers and 78 managers. 

WISSMA’s objective is to build partnerships and improve Latin America Palm Oil’s reputation. The programme aims to strengthen mill management’s[SB1]  understanding and knowledge of sustainability standards and requirements adopted by the global market.

Furthermore, it ensures commitment to our NDPE Policy (No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation).

Expanding Our Impact

The platform will facilitate a sustainability dialogue between the various palm oil suppliers’ managers in Latin America, as well as between suppliers and customers.

There will be several digital assignments: two annual webinars, a digital library, a discussion group on risk management, Olenex Market reports and WISSMA Live Panels. These include the perspectives of local palm oil producers and European buyers, such as Wilmar and Olenex.


If a company wants to be fully sustainable, the support needs to come from the management. That is why WISSMA is focused on the managers of the suppliers.

WISSMA aims to empower participants to build partnerships and improve Latin America Palm Oil’s reputation. Transforming the palm oil supply chain requires everyone to know and understand what needs to be done.

The goal of MARIPOSA is to raise funds to finance sustainability programmes in Latin America and allow the fast-growing palm oil industry to transform into a sustainable agri-business.

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