Continuing the Colombian Journey

The partners Olenex, FrieslandCampina, and CI Biocosta joined forces to continue the Wilmar Smallholder Support Colombia (WISSCo) journey and kicked off a new two-year training programme in Colombia in 2019.

Progress Reports

The WISSCo2 programme

The WISSCo2 program aims to reach 437 palm oil growers, in order to enhance their sustainable practices and to encourage them on their path to certification. The program is defined by 3 main activities:

A. Training of Trainers (TOT)

giving the supervisors and leaders of the mill the necessary tools to empower smallholders and to disseminate the knowledge acquired on sustainable practices;

B. Training of smallholders (TOSH)

focused on delivering the “why” or the concept of sustainable practices not only for building knowledge but for creating awareness and

C. the Smallholders Assessment (SHA)

consisting of audit visits carried out to assess the current compliance of sustainable practices in the farm and if necessary, to define an action plan to close to gaps against sustainable standards.

Our goal

The goal of WISSCo2 is to strengthen the knowledge of responsible practices of small and medium palm oil growers from the northern Colombian region.

Five mills joined this initiative, supporting the transfer of knowledge to their smaller palm oil suppliers: Aceites S.A, Palmaceite S.A, Frupalma S.A, Palmagro S.A, and Extractora El Roble S.A.S.

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