In many bakery products, fat is an essential ingredient. Vegetable fats and oils can create the required structure, crunch, melting behaviour and mouthfeel in biscuits, pastry and bread. For example, shortening or cake margarine needs to have enough softness for good distribution in dough or batter, but enough hardness to entrap air bubbles.

In pastry margarine, incorporating the right fat composition allows puff pastry to become flaky, crispy and have the required lift. Cream-filled wafers, on the other hand, can only be cut if the creamy filling fat crystallises at the right speed.

Coating Fats

Delicious foods like biscuits, wafers, ice cream cones and all kinds of pastry can be polished up with a shiny, tasty coating to make them even more appealing to consumers. Read more >>>


Filling Fats

Many biscuit, cake and confectionery manufacturers use Olenex filling fats to achieve the best performance in products and during manufacturing. There are lauric vs non-lauric solutions, aeratable blends, caramel fats and anti-bloom solutions. Read more >>>

Cookies & Biscuits

Olenex produces various oil types designed for baking fats, dough fats and shortenings. The best baking fats have the right softness and smoothness for good distribution in batter or dough … Read more >>>


Determining the ingredients to create cake margarine highly depends on its purpose, as it can vary considerably. Various oil blends enable you to implement specific applications such as … Read more >>>


Puff pastries and laminated food products require a margarine produced with specific fat blends to achieve tailored pastry characteristics. The fat separates the folded layers of the dough, enabling the baker to create … Read more >>>

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