Cocoa Butter Alternatives

Optimising chocolate products has been and still is an essential desire for producers of this globally coveted delicacy. The urge for innovative solutions utilising Equivalents (CBE), Replacers (CBR), and Substitutes (CBS) of cocoa butter is as high as ever.


Meant for fillings and softer coatings, these products improve competitiveness vs cocoa butter. The temper-free characteristics allow a reduction in preparation time in the final application. This ingredient helps to give a good gloss, reduce trans fats, and impart additional heat-stability in the final product.


Designed to impart a cooling sensation in the mouth during their very rapid meltdown, the range of CBS’s include fractionated and fully hydrogenated versions. Their crystallisation and non-tempering preparation make them perfect for coating fats, with high gloss feature and additional heat resistance.


This product is designed to closely match the SFC profile of a typically used high trans fatty acids, containing partially hydrogenated, rapeseed oil, but without the very high levels of trans fatty acids. The performance will not go at the cost of gloss and heat stability.

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