Sustainability programmes

We believe that all participants in the edible oil industry have a mutual responsibility to transform production practices into a sustainable supply chain. It requires close partnerships and trust between industry partners. It also means education for those who do not have the tools or knowledge and provide them with the opportunity to become sustainable entrepreneurs. This belief is the foundation of our sustainability programmes.

Creating awareness

At Olenex, we support development projects that enable indigenous people and plantations to respect nature, the environment, human rights, and honest trade. These projects aim to create awareness and educate the farmers, millers, and all other stakeholders involved in the sustainability goals we follow. Considering Olenex being one of the leading buyers of crude palm oil in Latin America, we focus our efforts on that region.

5 years 5 programmes

Olenex has celebrated the 5 years of palm oil sustainability programmes in Latin America with the launch of the fifth programme. This video shows in 3 minutes all the data of this sustainability journey.


Implementing sustainability programmes

Olenex understands it is crucial to have reliable people on the ground to roll out sustainability programmes. Together with our partner, Wilmar Europe, we engaged in 2015 with NES NATURALEZA (NES) – a Colombian-based environmental consultancy firm.

NES has ample experience in implementing sustainability programmes in Honduras, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Colombia. They share our ambitions to become long-term partners in sustainability development initiatives in Latin America.


Wilmar Supports Sustainable Management (WISSMA) is the second palm oil sustainability programme fully funded by the MARIPOSA initiative. In total, WISSMA is the fifth programme that Olenex supports in Latin America. It is designed to assist our palm oil suppliers’ managers in their journey towards becoming sustainable leaders.

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WISSE is the fourth multiple-year smallholder programme supported by Olenex – 100% financed by the crowdfunding initiative MARIPOSA. The partnership between Wilmar, NES Naturaleza, four mills in Honduras and Olenex helps small farmers become sustainable entrepreneurs.

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Wilmar, Olenex, FrieslandCampina and CI Biocosta Biocosta became partners in the second smallholder training program in Colombia, WISSCo2. At the beginning of 2019, they kicked off a new two-year training journey.

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Colombia is the largest palm oil producer in Latin America. With the help of the WISSCo programme, the smallholders and small growers now have an opportunity to learn more about our No Deforestation, No Peat, and No Exploitation policy. The programme is a major step towards sustainability and helps these smaller producers to comply with this policy.

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In 2016, our founding partner Wilmar started their first sustainability development programme in Honduras, called WISSH. Since the start, Olenex has been the main partner for this 3-year programme. At the close of 2018, WISSH completed the training of 3300 smallholders.

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