Speciality Products & Blends

The Olenex portfolio contains a wide range of oils and fats produced from palm, palm kernel, coconut, sunflower, high oleic sunflower, rapeseed, high oleic rapeseed, and soybean crops. Additionally, we produce exotic oil-based products such as shea and cocoa butter.


Our product base is perfectly suited to develop tailored and specialised solutions designed to fit our customer needs. While many specialised solutions come in blended form, our fractionation, hydrogenation, and interesterification capabilities provide countless options available for customers across Europe.

Technical Account Management

Our Technical Account Management professionals embrace innovation. They work in close collaboration with our customers – to ensure our product ranges and our customers’ brands continue to meet the highest of standards. We monitor trends, listen to our customers and work with industry professionals to make sure our finished products and ingredients exceed expectations and create lasting business value.

We can help with analysing both market and industry trends, and food and flavour trends, in order to support new product development. Our team of experts can also offer assistance to help you meet desired health requirements and special nutritional needs.



Our products can fulfil unique requirements for a wide range of applications. For example, they improve oxidative stability (for prolonging shelf life), apply a specific consumption experience (eg confectionery and biscuit fillings), optimise fat cohesion in margarine or confectionery spreads. Additionally, in the non-food sector, they can apply many tailored features, such as specific crystallisation behaviour in candles.

For more information about our speciality solutions, visit the applications section.

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