Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a tropical oil, obtained from the white flesh of the coconut (copra). Coconut palm trees grow in the tropics and crops mainly come from the Philippines, Indonesia, and India. Olenex predominantly sources its crude coconut oil from the Philippines and Indonesia.

Increased shelf life

By hydrogenating this type of oil, the unsaturated fatty acids become saturated. It results in a higher melting point and increased oxidative stability in the oil that helps to extend the shelf life of the final product.


It mainly consists of short or medium-short chained saturated fatty acids. Lauric acid (C 12:0) has the highest content of 47% and makes coconut oil part of the lauric oils ‘family’, like palm kernel oil.



The high degree of short and medium-short saturated fatty acids makes coconut oil solid at room temperature with a low melting point, making it exceptionally suitable for Ice-cream, and other dairy fat replacers, such as coffee creamers. Additional applications can be found in Speciality products, Confectionery, and Bakery.

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