Bakery filling fats

Many biscuit, cake and confectionery manufacturers use Olenex filling fats to achieve the best performance in products and during manufacturing. There are lauric vs non-lauric solutions, aeratable blends, caramel fats and anti-bloom solutions.

Perfecting Filling Fats

Fast crystallisation and rapid melting along with properties are the secrets to perfect filling fats. Our team of (edible oil) experts will deploy years of experience and know-how into finding the optimal technical solution to the customer. Tailored to the individual set of requirements, they help to improve the overall experience in taste, feel, sound, potentially improve the competitiveness of the final product. Olenex supplies these products in either smaller packed quantities or in larger bulk volumes.


A lauric wafer fat is optimised to crystallise quickly, combined with a good mouthfeel and melting properties. A product with this type of fat enables the blend to set quickly, enabling the placement of wafers, and having the ability to cut them cleanly in production.


Non-lauric wafer fillings are typically used for chocolate-coated products. They require the fat blend to resist fat bloom and migration. Such a filling crystallises quickly, has an excellent mouthfeel and melting behaviour. These properties optimise the ability to cut the product cleanly, place wafers more accurately, and optimise the speed of the production process.


Filled chocolate can have a high risk of oiling out, migration, and bloom. The filling must be resistant to chocolate as well as (nut) fillings. Our solutions of confectionery filling fats offer good flavour release and also include a high-compatibility with cocoa butter based chocolate shells. They effectively prevent the formation of fat bloom.


Blends designed for nougat spreads ensure spreadability and creaminess over a range of temperatures. They prevent oil separation, particularly from nut oils present in the recipe. Additionally, they ensure that the fat does not recrystallize when stored at lower temperatures. The attributes of an Olenex fat blend for nougat spreads ensure optimal texture in the jar over its entire shelf life.

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