Supporting farmers in Colombia

After the success of the WISSH programme, Wilmar Europe partnered with the Sustainable Trade Platform-Solidaridad and NES Naturaleza and launched the first Wilmar Smallholder Support Colombia projects in 2017. WISSCo reached 11 mills and 261 independent oil palm small growers from the Region of Los Llanos Orientales.

This region was selected because

  1. it has an important threat of expansion in the future,
  2. growers are mainly independent originating from the cattle ranching agro-industry and have limited information about oil palm production, and
  3. these independent small producers haven’t had sustainability training before.

The WISSCo1 Program

The program comprised a series of six training topics:

  1. NDPE policy and ABC of sustainability
  2. Good environmental practices and protection of the ecosystem
  3. Social responsibility
  4. Business management
  5. Importance of information
  6. Reinforcing sustainability

Our goal

WISSCo1 was our first programme that supported independent oil palm growers in Colombia. Like the WISSH programme, WISSCo1 aimed to educate smallholders and small growers to implement good environmental and social practices in accordance with Wilmar Europe’s and Olenex’s No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation (NDPE) policy.

WISSCo Summary Report 
WISSCo video

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