Partnerships for the goals

Partnerships are critical to achieving #SharedResponsibility. Back in 2016, Olenex partnered up with founding partner Wilmar to develop partnership programmes in Latin America that would contribute to the sustainable transformation in the palm oil sector. A third partner, Nestlé, was found ready to participate, resulting in the creation of the WISSH programme – Wilmar Smallholder Support Honduras. With the help of WISSH, we trained more than 3300 small farmers in 488 training sessions, lasting three years to complete.

Expanding to Colombia

Building on the success of this partnership, Wilmar and Olenex decided to expand efforts into Colombia. Partnering with FrieslandCampina, Olenex and Wilmar created WISSCo. This partnership with local palm oil mills trained small growers and smallholders in the Olenex supply chain adapting their production practices to our NDPE standards.


With our latest smallholder support initiative, Olenex takes the next step in creating a global partnership for sustainable development. MARIPOSA, an innovative crowdfunding initiative, was set up in 2019, enabling our customers to take responsibility for smallholder development in Latin America. With MARIPOSA we connect the end producer with the smallholder on the ground. After many customers joined the MARIPOSA initiative, the first new programme, WISSE, has already been kicked-off in 2019