During the last few decades, the candle industry has seen increasing use of vegetable oils. The Olenex portfolio comprises various oil and fat solutions that can tailor exact requirements for a wide variety of making candles.


Traditionally, Paraffin has been the preferred resource for candle production. However, the global supply of Paraffin is short and pricing has become quite volatile. As a result, product planning has become a challenge for the entire industry. Vegetable oils are a great alternative solution to a stable supply for candle makers.

Benefits & Performance

Vegetable oils are an ideal resource for the production of candles, providing financial benefits without loss of performance. The oils also play an important role in creating structure and a clean burn as well as influencing the colour of the final product.

Sustainable resource

Our vegetable oils are sustainably produced, supporting the livelihoods of local farmers while respecting nature and indigenous wildlife. Our supply chain enables candle producers to plan long term and secure production. It allows the creation of a sustainable product with increased stability, a better and cleaner burning-profile, as well as additional competitive opportunities.

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