Bottling oils

A balanced nutritional diet can add considerably to maintaining our health. Vegetable oils can positively influence the saturated fatty acids intake, used in many types of cooking oils. Olenex produces a complete and comprehensive range of oils suited for bottling.

Tailored to optimise

An Olenex customer can choose from a range of products tailored to fulfil their individual needs. The family of liquid oils expands into a wide selection of high-quality oils. Winterised sun oil has a clean and fresh colour, well suited for bottles in retail chains. Sustainable rapeseed oil, certified by ISCC and VLOG, meets the environmentally-conscious customer demand. Last but not least, soybean oil completes our portfolio of bottling oils.

Olenex is committed to delivering a high-quality product that looks good, feels fresh, and preserves the planet at the same time.

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