Animal Feed

Animal Feed

Edible oils and fats are the richest energy source for the animal world. They are exceptionally well-suited for most types of animal nutrition. Our animal feed solutions tailor exact nutritional properties for specific needs in the sector. We offer a wide portfolio specially produced to fulfil these individual requirements.


In order to accurately produce our range of feed products, we utilise all the required processes available to us;

  • Refining
  • Blending
  • Fractionation
  • Hydrogenation

The combination of resources, production processes, and our professional expertise enables us to fulfil any specific demand for a unique animal feed ingredient.


The most popular resources for feed ingredients are coconut and palm kernel oil. The high C12 content is unique in both oils and makes them an ideal ingredient for feeding young animals. The high count of C16 in palm oil combined with a Lauric oil component is a popular milk replacer. These tropical oils form ideal building blocks to feed young livestock in both meat and dairy sectors.


Food safety is critical to our health and that of the animals we feed. Ingredients, such as oils and fats, must comply with the international rules and regulations. They have been put together into certification standards such as EFISC and GMP+. The certifications guarantee that our products are safe and approved for consumption.

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