Olenex builds new Speciality Fats facility

The first pile drilled in Zaandam, The Netherlands 

Zaandam, The Netherlands, March 10th, 2022 – The leading vegetable oils producer, Olenex, has started constructing a new speciality fats facility in Zaandam, The Netherlands. The new Olenex facility will feature a product development centre, packaging capabilities, and a customer experience centre.  

These new activities in Zaandam mark an important next step in Olenex’s history and are highly focused on close partnership with customers. This expansion will help strengthen the company’s foundation and future by expanding its business of speciality oils and fats solutions.   

During the ground-breaking ceremony, Albert Keijzer commenced building by drilling the first pile on March 10th, 2022. Albert Keijzer is Olenex’s partner for this important investment. “We look forward to our future co-operation with Olenex”, says Rob de Visser, Director of Albert Keijzer. 

The new location, as well as the ongoing construction of the speciality fats plant in Brake, Germany, is an important milestone in the execution of Olenex’s strategy roadmap. “The additional investment in Zaandam will broaden our comprehensive one-stop-shop concept and enable us to reach out into new markets across Europe”, says Remond van Dorland, Director of Olenex Holdings B.V.  

The construction in Zaandam is expected to be completed in Q1, 2023, after which it will be commissioned. During this time, all packed business will continue to be produced and delivered from the Olenex plant NOBLEE in Hamburg.  

About Olenex 

Olenex, a full-function joint venture between ADM and Wilmar, offers customers in Europe – and beyond – a comprehensive portfolio of edible oils and fats, from commodities to specialities, as well as superior technical support. Olenex owns and operates a speciality oils and fats facility and a palm refinery in Hamburg, Germany, as well as tropical oils processing plants in Brake, Germany and Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It also manages raw materials sourcing, trading, sales and marketing operations. Olenex also markets refined oils and fats from ADM’s plants in the Czech Republic, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland and the United Kingdom.

About Albert Keijzer 

On November 26th 2020, Albert Keijzer has celebrated its 100th anniversary. The last 20 years were mainly devoted to specialisation, innovation, safety and reducing CO2 emissions – objectives that will certainly remain leading in company policy over the next 25 years. 

Our focus is on (inter)national tank, bulk and container transport, plus the conditioned storage of high-quality foods. This requires not only customised equipment, but also an innovative organisation, an eye for technological developments and qualified employees. For Albert Keijzer, specialisation and innovation is a continuous process in which the clients, market developments, safety and the environment are the main focus areas. 

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